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The steering committee plays an important advisory role in the university’s efforts towards reaccreditation. The steering committee is comprised of nearly 50 faculty, civil service, administrative, and student representatives from across campus, including representatives from all constituency groups. The steering committee also includes representatives from the School of Medicine’s Springfield campus and the city of Carbondale. The steering committee meets several times a semester until the accreditation site visit to review and provide feedback on assurance argument drafts. The steering committee plays a critical role in identifying evidence corresponding to the Higher Learning Commission’s core component criteria for reaccreditation. 


Matt Baughman (Assistant to the Chancellor, Office of the Chancellor)
Chris Behan (Professor, School of Law)
Karla Berry (Director, Center for Teaching Excellence)
Michael Brown (Associate Professor, History, College of Liberal Arts)
Todd Bryson (Interim Associate Chancellor for Diversity, Office of Diversity)
Randy Burnside (Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, College of Liberal Arts)
Lisa Caringer (Director, Disability Support Services)
Andrew Carver (Director, Center for International Education)
Joe Cheatwood (Associate Professor, School of Medicine)
Lizette Chevalier (Associate Provost for Academic Programs)
Sandra Collins (Associate Professor, School of Health Sciences)
Brad Colwell (Vice President for Academic Affairs) (former)
Judy Davie (Associate Professor Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; School of Medicine)
Dave DiLalla (Associate Provost for Academic Administration)
Kathy Dillard (Director of Corporate Relations/Alumni Services)
Michael Eichholz (Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences)
Jim Garvey (Professor, School of Biological Sciences)
Rae Goldsmith (Executive Director-Chief Marketing and Communications Office)
Reza Habib (Director of the University Core Curriculum)
Ruth Hale (Business/Administrative Associate Office of the Provost)
Ryan Hall (Associate General Counsel and Legal Affairs)
Fran Harackiewicz (Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering)
Phil Howze (Co-Chair SIU Carbonale Diversity Council, Professor, Morris Library)
Andrea Imre (Associate Professor, Library Affairs)
Elaine Jurkowski (Professor, School of Social Work, COEHS)
Lisa Knight (Director of Information Research & Data Integration, SIU Foundation Carbondale)
Kim Little (Director of Undergraduate Online Student Services, Academic Support Specialist in the College of Business)
Christie McIntyre (Associate Professor, Associate Director of Program Review and Assessment, Office of Associate Provost for Academic Programs)
Touissant Mitchell (Undergraduate Student Government President) (former)
Marc Morris (Director, School of Accountancy, School of Business)
Howard Motyl (Associate Professor and Interim Chair, Radio, Television, and Digital Media, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts)
Julie Partridge (Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology, College of Education and Human Services)
Mandara Savage (Director, Extended Campus)
Marianne Shields (Accountant II and Assistant to the Dean for Finance, Dean’s Office; College of Agricultural Sciences)
Cynthia Sims (Professor, Work Force Education, College of Education and Human Services) (former)
Lori Stettler (Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs)
Arlene Tan (Director, Achieve Program)
Juliane Wallace (Associate Professor, Kinesiology)
Gary Williams (Carbondale City Manager)
Tamara Workman (Director of the Registrar’s Office)
Jian Anna Xiong (Associate Professor; Library Affairs)
Melinda Yeomans (Associate Director of University Honors Program)

(includes people who have served over the last two years (or more) in order to provide a recognition of both past and current contributions)

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